Buddha is Alive in Our Hearts

Live our lives, with Buddha within ourselves

Be aware that every one of us is Buddha (Tathagata);
Try to live as Buddha while being attentive to Three Mysteries: behavior, words, and mind.
These are the quintessential teachings of Kobo-Daishi.
Being a Buddha means that we live one life through the three temporal worlds of
past, present and future.
Because they continue to live their lives as Buddha,
we always feel the presence of Kobo-Daishi and our ancestors beside us.
Each of us living in the present must live our lives with the Buddha within us.

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Summer holiday closure of the General Affairs Department

In 2022, the General Affairs Department will be closed for its summer holiday over six days, August 10 to 15 inclusive.

The Grand Head Temple of the Shingon Sect of Buddhism (World Heritage Site)

Toji Temple (officially, Kyoogokokuji Temple) is the central seminary of the Shingon Sect of Buddhism. Toji Shingon Buddhism is the only Buddhist sect that regards Toji Temple as its Grand Head Temple.
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The 1200th anniversary of the foundation of Toji Shingon Buddhism

A grand Buddhist service held only once a century, in which we contemplate our extensive 1200 years of history as we move into our next 100 years.

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