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The Principle of Toji Shingon Buddhism:
“Spiritual Protection of the State and Salvation of All Sentient Beings”

In my capacity as the Head Official of Toji Shingon Buddhism, I offer the following comments to mark the establishment of our official website.

Kyoogokokuji Temple (aka Toji Temple) is where Kobo-Daishi (Monk Kukai) founded the Shingon Sect. Toji Shingon Buddhism is a branch of Shingon Buddhism, and we regard Kyoogokokuji Temple as our Grand Head Temple. As an inclusive religious corporation, Toji Shingon Buddhism organizes branch temples across the nation, from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south, with the aim of realizing and implementing the practice of the above-mentioned principles.

Advances in information technology have significantly increased and diversified the information we are able to share and exchange. Today, anyone can transmit information through various media to large numbers of random recipients. However, much of this information is transmitted without proper screening, meaning that false or dubious information is mixed with accurate information. We must acquire information literacy skills to transmit and receive correct information.

For this reason, Toji Shingon Buddhism has long been hesitant to establish an official website, despite the benefits that having one offers. However, as we are to hold a grand Buddhist service celebrating the 1200th anniversary of the Shingon Sect of Buddhism this year, we decided to launch an official website on April 1st, 2023 to improve our information transmission capabilities.

You may have heard the term “alternative fact.” In truth, there is no such thing as an alternative fact, nor a second fact: Only one fact is true. “Shingon” means “Words of Truth.” Here on this website, with the aim of expressing gratitude for the virtues of our founder, Kobo-Daishi and realization of the principles he upheld, we are determined to transmit only true facts while drawing fully upon the wisdom of Shingon monks across the nation.
The principle of Toji Shingon Buddhism:
“Spiritual Protection of the State and Salvation of All Sentient Beings.”



Zoryo Yoshimura
Gon-Daisojo Priest (Subjacent High Priest)
Head Official, Toji Shingon Sect of Buddhism